• Tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

    Tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

    Ok, I'm installing a replacement pool pump, and everything is going swimmingly get it? OK, so, I know that the Green wire goes to the green ground screw, no problem, but does Black go to L1 or L2, and does Red go to L1 or L2, and, if I got them on there reversed, would that make the pump spin backwards? So, all answers are welcome of course, but I'd love to hear from a pro if there's one out there! To follow union standard though, L1 should always go to black and L2 go to red.

    Yes its true that there is only single or 3 phase but based on his description, he used the wrong term. The point is still valid in that it really doesnt matter as long as both poles are protected by a single throw breaker and a NEMA 3 disconnect within 6' of the pool.

    It doesn't matter which color red or black goes to which post L1 or L2. John, don't answer electrical questions if you don't know electricity, it can be very dangerous. US power plants supply only single phase or three phase power.

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    I assume that you have a double pole breaker? Meaning that 2 breakers switch together when turning the power off or on.

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    If so then it's one wire from each phase of the electric from your service panel so it doesn't matter which phase it's from. So either color to L1 or L 2. You can find the instruction manuals for Pentair pool pumps online at the website below. That might help you solve your problem. Trending News. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, dead at CDC singles out 3 critical coronavirus symptoms.

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    Hayward TriStar VS SP3200VSP Owner's Manual

    Lunch outing ended up infecting NFL star's family. Fox News host fact-checks Trump during interview. Fox News host praised for correcting Trump over tweet.Quick Links. Programming Menu. Table of Contents. Chlorine generator for inground swimming pools up to 25, gallons 25 pages. Page 2: Important Safety Instructions 3 years. These warranties are applicable from the initial date of installation on private residential swimming pools in the US and Canada. Installation Steps Preparing General Water Chemistry Mounting Pro Logic Control Center Equipment PS Expansion Unit Temperature Sensors Optional Chlorination Function Page 4: Introduction Before You Begin The pump will automatically turn off at the end of the 5 minute heater cooldown period.

    Page 5: Installation Steps Follow these instructions to verify that the Pro Logic is properly controlling the heater. Electrical Wiring page 12 1.

    tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

    If you are NOT using the This is the unit of measure for displaying the speed of the variable speed pump. Page 7 Select Digital Spa result in low chlorine production. A high salt level can cause the Pro Logic to stop chlorinating. Select which of the mounted a minimum of 5 ft. A water sensor and an air sensor must be installed at all times for Valve3 Name Rotates between all available names proper operation.

    An additional supplied sensor can be used for either solar or dual equipment function. If both Page Optional Base Station Freeze Protection is not available for low speed filter pump, dimmer, wireless remotes and the base station on the Pro Logic main control unit is feet m line of sight or feet group, super chlorinate or pH dispense functions.

    Page 12 3. The dual equipment spa sensor should be installed on the spa loop prior to the heater and will display the program the timeclocks. The plumbing diagram on page 9 is intended to be used as a general guideline and is not a complete Low Speed of a 2-Speed Spa Filter Pump — the Pro Logic will turn on the lights relay whenever the low plumbing schematic for the pool. Page Turbo Cell Pro Logic much more user friendly to the homeowner when they want to turn various Flow Switch lights on or off.

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    Connect a ground wire from the primary electrical panel to the Pro Logic ground bus bar. Also ground each piece of high voltage or VAC equipment that is connected to the Pro Logic control relays or circuit breakers. Page 17 VSP pump control and be on when the output is on. When the output is off, the relay will be off.Cool, quiet low-energy workhorse. Tristar Pump installation Hayward Tristar pump parts. We invite homeowners and professionals to learn all about TriStar pump's serious technological advantages.

    Robust, durable motor. Under the hood, TriStar's Emerson Extreme motor features reverse-air flow ventilation and dual capacitors, which maximize startup torque and operating torque and give the TriStar it's high energy efficiency. All of this carefully blended, superior engineering has produced an unparalleled pool pump. Key benefits from all this TriStar technology include:.

    A Quiet operation B Efficient, high-capacity water flow; and C Prolonged motor life thanks to a cooler operating temperature. Full-flow unions and exceptionally easy installation and service features make TriStar pump a favorite among field technicians. The TriStar pump also fits small equipment pads thanks to its compact footprint - plus installers have three bases to choose from see story at bottom left so that installers can adjust the TriStar pump suction-port height to match competitors' pumps - additional reasons TriStar should be an obvious choice for pump replacements as well as new installations.

    Best of all, TriStar pump delivers more horsepower and torque for less operating cost than similar pumps on the market. No, we're not suggesting anyone put a wire into the water. Wire-to-water is an engineering term used to express how efficient a pump is at a specific flow rate gpm versus how much electricity is being used. It is one measurement used to determine a pump's overall operating efficiency. When it comes down to it, pump efficiency is a major factor when comparing different pumps.

    How much water flow are you getting per dollar of electricity? The TriStar offers superior quality, superior performance and, dollar for dollar, more water flow for the money.

    Wire-to-Water is a way of comparing how much electricity wire horsepower the pump is using to how much flow water horsepower is achieved at a given resistance. When considering a motor replacement, install because of TriStar's superior in a pump-motor combination can save money flow and efficiency!.

    After all, offering superior design with less operating costs should make any consumer happy. Retrofits anywhere With three bases to choose from two included, the other optionalthe TriStar maintains a compact footprint and seamlessly retrofits a wide variety of existing filtration systems mini mum 2" plumbing.

    Single speed pumps. Dual speed pumps. TriStar Waterfall pump. Model No. Full Rated. Discount Pool Pumps. All rights reserved.

    Hayward Tristar Pool Pump. TriStar and EcoStar Pumps. Downsize for many retrofits: when replacing most existing pumps you can usually use a lower horsepower TriStar and deliver the same water for less cost. A lower horsepower TriStar pump often must be used when replacing pumps, even high-performance pumps.

    Talk about easy servicing Removing just two screws releases the motor cover - providing plenty of room to connect wires during installation.Quick Links. Pro Logic.

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    Table of Contents. Installation Steps Preparing General Water Chemistry Mounting Pro Logic Control Center Equipment PS Expansion Unit Temperature Sensors Optional Chlorination Function Page 4: Introduction Before You Begin Utility electrical outlet and weatherproof cover for mounting on side of Pro Logic Mounting hardware screws, etc.

    Page 6: Preparing General Water Chemistry 1. If you are NOT using the chlorinator, it is recommended that you follow all of the other chemistry recommendations besides salt.

    These items are not included with the Pro Logic and can be purchased separately at your local Hayward dealer. Choose a chlorinator cell model based on the size of your pool. The following models are available There is no limit on the number of wireless remotes that can used. The maximum distance between wireless remotes and the base station on the Pro Logic main control unit is feet m line of sight or feet 60m through walls, etc.

    Pool or spa operation is controlled by two 3-way valves suction and return. Refer to the diagram below. The chlorinator cell must be installed in the pool plumbing. If spillover is enabled, then the Pro Logic can chlorinate both the pool and spa during spillover operation. Otherwise, the Pro Logic will only chlorinate the pool and the spa sanitization will have to be handled manually. Page Turbo Cell 4. The Pro Logic can be programmed to accommodate spillover if desired.

    Note that spillover operation will be automatically suspended whenever the spa filter pump is turned on. The chlorinator cell and flow switch must be installed in the heater return path. Page Electrical Main Service 4. This power should be connected to one of the circuit breakers. Refer to the diagram below for proper input wiring to the VSP.The wide range of TriStar pumps are the perfect fit for a variety of pump installations.

    Call By clicking the submit button below, you consent and agree that you are submitting your personal information on this form under the terms of our Privacy Policy. VS Omni variable-speed pool pumps are the easiest, most affordable way to add smart control to existing pools and spas. This pool pump ey integrates seamlessly with most brands and can control virtually every kind of pool and spa equipment.

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    tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

    Please remove additional products. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 0 minutes. Quick Info Content. This item has been successfully added to your list. US English. Sign In. Create a Pool Owner Profile. Create a Pool Professional Profile. Vent Kit Recall.

    tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

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    tri star pool pump wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

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    Pool School. Support TFP. New posts Conversations Trending Featured Search forums. What's new. New threads New posts New media Latest activity. New media Search media. Current visitors. Forum Rules. Need help Re-attaching Pump Wiring. Thread starter grivera Start date May 22, JavaScript is disabled.

    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jul 3, 89 Maryland. I plan to open my own pool this year first time. When it was closed, the pool guy removed the pump motor and I don't know which wire goes where. According to the diagram on the side of the pump, the brown connection is low voltage and the white is high voltage; I assume the green screw is a ground. The pump is a Pentair 1. Anyone have any idea what goes where? Bama Rambler Mod Squad.

    TFP Expert. Bronze Supporter. LifeTime Supporter. Jun 22, 24, SouthWest Alabama. Can you post a pic of the wiring diagram? What is the part number on the motor?Quick Links. Download this manual. Hayward's TriStar VS variable speed pump delivers incredible energy savings via its advanced hydraulic.

    TriStar VS is easily installed either. NOTE - To prevent potential injury and to avoid unnecessary service calls, read this manual carefully and. Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Hayward TriStar VS SPVSP Page 1 TriStar VS is easily installed either as a programmable stand-alone pump or with a Hayward or third party controller and features an easy- to-use digital control interface that can be mounted in four different positions on the pump or removed and mounted on the wall for total user convenience.

    Page 2: Table Of Contents 5. Page 3 Replacement Parts Parts Diagram Parts Listing Troubleshooting General Problems Error Messages Warranty Page 5 Mechanical Entrapment - There is potential for jewelry, swimsuits, hair decorations, fingers, toes, or knuckles to be caught in an opening of a suction outlet cover resulting in mechanical entrapment.

    Pool Equipment Installed Correctly - Pool Equipment Installation Tips

    Page 7: General Information 2. General Information 2. The instructions in this manual MUST be followed precisely. Keep motor clean. Pump motors require free circulation of air for cooling. Page 9: Pump Mounting 2. Fittings elbows, tees, valves, etc. For better efficiency, use the fewest possible fittings. Avoid fittings that could cause an air trap.

    Page Electrical The time clock can then be used to power other equipment such as a heater, heat pump, or booster pump that requires the filter pump to be operating when used.

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    See section 5. Page Interface Wall Mounting Apply power to the system and resume normal operation.

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